How to Disable Norton Home Page Extension in Different Browsers?

Shery by Shery Williams

Published Fri, Aug 24th 2018, 05:27 | Computers

Norton is a prominent name in the world of digital security. It delivers highly advanced security solutions to the consumers and businesses for helping them to protect their devices, data, software, and applications. To access the extended security solutions, you need to purchase, download, install, and activate a Norton product from When you do so, you are prompted to add Norton extension to the web browsers installed on your device. Additionally, you are also asked to set Norton home page as the default homepage of your browser. By enabling the same, you can ensure safe web browsing and an improved search experience. The home page utilizes Norton safe search to monitor your online activities and to check the reliability and safety of the website you are attempting to visit. The search results displayed by Norton Safe Search are powered by However, if you have accidentally added the same to your web browser and want to revoke the changes then follow these steps: Google Chrome Launch Google Chrome and hit the Settings button available at the top-right corner of the screen Go to More Tools and hit Extensions Uncheck the Enabled box in front of the Norton Home Page for Chrome Restart the web browser to reflect the changes


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