How to Help Seniors Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Ted by Ted Holmgren

Published Fri, May 11th 2018, 09:18 | Health

To lead a healthy life, seniors need to take a balanced diet containing vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Fruits and vegetables contain several health boosting elements. Some seniors may have an aversion to eating fruits and vegetables. There are some helpful ways you can try to add vegetables and fruits to your loved one`s diet. Scottsdale Home Care experts discussed a few ways you can ensure your loved one eats a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Prepare Vegetable Pureed You can prepare pureed soup for seniors who like quick and easy-to-swallow foods. A simple technique is followed to make pureed soup out of raw or steamed vegetables, which can provide health benefits to your loved one and enhance his or her likeness for vegetables. Pureed soup is low on calories and can be a good alternative for seniors who want to lose weight. Make Fruit Smoothies   Smoothie is a great beverage, which can be made by mixing fruits and vegetables.. The drink is thick and non-chewable, and it can be easily swallowed. Adding smoothie to a senior's breakfast may enhance his or her admiration for fruits and vegetables. Many family caregivers have started giving their loved ones smoothies for better health. There are several easy recipes for making smoothies you can find on the internet. Cook Roasted Vegetables   If your loved one faces difficulty in eating raw vegetables, you can make roasted vegetables for him or her using carrots, broccoli or green beans. This way, seniors may get introduced to a vitamin-rich diet. Another option is steaming vegetables that are soft and easily chewable. Unlike boiling, steaming can retain the healthy nutrients in vegetables without damaging the water content. Family caregivers can cut vegetables into smaller pieces before serving their senior loved one. Serve Fruity Ice Creams One of the most effective ways to add fruits and vegetables in a senior's diet is by making fruity ice-creams. For instance, you can make ice-cream out of frozen bananas. If your loved one has a sweet tooth then fruity ice-creams can be a healthier replacement for him or her instead of desserts, cakes, cookies, and sweets. Make Homemade Applesauce   Applesauce is a regular sauce made from apples. It can be an amazing way to encourage your loved ones to eat more fruits. The recipe of making apple sauce is really simple. Sweeteners like sugar and honey can be added to applesauce for a better taste. Apple sauce contains dietary fibers, which have plenty of health benefits for seniors. If your loved one doesn’t like apple sauce then you can use it as an ingredient for other savory dishes and meals. Family caregivers can take different alternatives which may initiate a healthy lifestyle and eating habits in seniors. Scottsdale home care providers can ensure your loved one eats nutritious food daily by assisting with cooking and other household chores. 


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