Three companies receives $550.8 million deal to supply McAfee software to Pentagon

Shery by Shery Williams

Published Thu, May 10th 2018, 05:34 | Computers

Recently a meeting was held at Washington, where the three US consulting organization will share a contract which is cost more than half-billion dollars to give McAfee security solutions to Pentagon and intelligence offices, globally. On 9th May 2018, in an interview, the Defense Department said that the agreement will give McAfee hardware, software, and services for Department of Defense (DoD), US intelligence community, and Coast Guard activities worldwide. McAfee activate is a part of Intel Corp. The Defense Department said that the McAfee products will meet the functional requirements and potential for- client, protecting the data and the server, prevention from the data loss, vulnerability of the management, security in email gateway, and preventing from the network intrusion. On the other hand, the US federal government at present is replacing all the Kaspersky Lab products, which were in use previously. After September 2017 Department of Homeland Security ban ordering all the state bodies and the department as well to cease all the Kaspersky products over their chances of threat to the internal security. Although, Kaspersky Lab has opposed several times about the allegations of cyber-spy and has took an attempt to fight the ban in US court. Source :


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