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Published Tue, Mar 13th 2018, 02:08 | Technology

It is extremely obvious that demand for PCB i.e. Printed Circuit Boards isn't probably to decrease in near future. Because of advancement of technology those higher production techniques are being developed. In previous few years China has emerged mutually of the distinguished producing hub. Noted PCB makers take adequate care concerning the facet of quality and even take under consideration specific desires of shoppers. Noted players of PCB business are a great deal involved concerning quality. Their team strives to deliver quality results to the shoppers.   Lian Da Jin Electronic Ltd. a number one printed circuit board manufacturer in china specializing in Printed Circuit Board Assembly and offers advanced PCB manufacturing capabilities with no minimum quantity requirements. We supply international corporations of all sizes with high-quality PCB to production services at honest worth for twelve years. From prototype to production quantities and from the single board to the foremost advanced vogue requirements.   Our business goal is to be the foremost skilled PCB manufacturer for prototyping and low-volume production to figure with within the world. With quite a decade within the field, we are committed to meeting the wants of our customers from completely different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and the other rigorous requests. Mutually of the foremost practiced PCB makers and SMT Assemblers in China, we to pride ourselves to be your best business partners in each and every aspect of your PCB desires. We try to create your R&D work simple and hassle-free.   Lian Da Jin Electronic Ltd. helps you guarantee your style is free of manufacturability issues with some free tools. Whether or not your wish is prototype, medium or high volume production, Liandajin Electronic is driven to ceaselessly deliver top of the range product and services, on time and on budget.   Our only aim is higher worth from your electronic supplier to strengthen your strategic position. We have a tendency to build it easy to scale circuit board production from the prototyping stages to high-volume production in-house with flexible turn-times and even offer regular freight selections. Our Capabilities: - Single-sided / double-sided (rigid) PCBs - Multi-layer (rigid) PCBs - Buried vias - Controlled resistivity - Materials embrace CEM1, FR4, FR404, FR5, Teflon, Microwave/High Frequency (Rogers), Polyimide, etc. - Electroless nickel/immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, HASL, SMOBC finishes.   At Lian Da Jin Electronic Ltd, all the boards can bear the foremost rigorous tests aside from the fundamental visual check. We adopt most of the testing and inspecting equipment employed in the industry. We are having new engineers on the each day round the world victimisation our PCBs for his or her work, who trust us for our reliable quality.   Our main business scopeļ¼šMulti-layer high-precised PCB, Heavy Copper, Aluminum-based, Ceramic-based & High-frequency board We have a worldwide sales team out there to help you with Printed Circuit Board & PCB Assembly. Every day, Liandajin Electronics helps clients win in today’s complex world of work, for more information concerning all of our PCB Printed Circuit Board manufacturing services, contact us or mail us on-


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