Hose Clamps: Small size, great functions

Jolly by Jolly Clamp

Published Tue, Feb 13th 2018, 05:21 | Business

At Jolly clamps, you will find all the products with no compromise with the quality and at reasonable rates. Jolly Clamps have been known to be one of the best spring loaded T bolt clamps manufacturers, V band clamps manufacturers, constant tension band clamp distributors as well as the suppliers of lined worm drive clamps. Here is some brief information on the aforementioned. Spring loaded T bolt clamps: These are the type of constant tension band clamps that have wide usage when it comes to fitting of hose or connections where there is a variation of temperature which in turn varies the diameter. The spring loaded T bolt clamps are also used in places where there are variations owing to pressure differences. Owing to the design, it is really convenient to vary the diameter according to the needs. They find applications in areas like charge air cooling. Lined worm drive clamps: Lined worm drive clamps are used in to join and hold flanges of almost all sizes together. They are manufactured in various materials as per specification. This makes them functionally almost same as V band clamps. There although a major difference. While the inner sides of V band clamps have little segments, the lined worm clamp have no such divisions which make them useful for holding hoses that are made of delicate materials and require to be handled carefully. V Band Clamps: V-band clamps are used joining component sections, tubes, pipes, etc. from end to end. They are extremely useful in joining hoses that conduct fluids as well as their carry the load of the fluids. The mechanical advantage in the V retainer works in the opposite direction of the V angle. The greater the angle, the lesser the mechanical advantage and vie versa. Join us here.