Vitamix Labs opens supplement manufacturing facility

Vitamix by Vitamix Labs

Published Tue, Nov 14th 2017, 06:24 | Health

Vitamix Labs, one of the most highly regarded vitamin manufacturers in the industry, recently announced a major milestone: The company has moved into a new 23,175-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Commack, N.Y. The company's move from its original 7,200-square-foot location in Farmingdale, N.Y., means that it will be able to manufacture new products, create more jobs and implement ultra-modern equipment.

Vitamix Labs Commack location boasts three fully climate controlled warehouses and two in-house laboratories. The facility also includes advanced processing capabilities and fully automated filling and packaging lines for powders, liquids, solid dose vitamins, supplements, and nutritional products.

The company's founder, Michael W. Koschitz, told Newsday that Vitamix Laboratories' facility will allow the company to accelerate the production of Beverage Booster, its new line of meal replacement and energy drinks. Vitamix Labs will also carry on with the production of private label supplements for other companies around the globe. These plans are expected to create 20 jobs over the next two years, bringing the company's workforce up from 11 members to 31.

Suffolk County and agencies in the area have unanimously supported Vitamix Laboratories move. The Suffolk County IDA agreed to provide Vitamix Laboratories with a $67,091 reduction in property taxes over the course of five years as well as a $7,892 sales tax exemption on the purchase of equipment and materials.


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